Discord Interface
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    Discord Interface

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    You can interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord. The Midjourney server has channels for working collaboratively, technical and billing support, official announcements, offering feedback, and discussions. The community is supportive, encouraging, and eager to share their knowledge with users just starting out.

    Midjourney Discord: https://discord.gg/midjourney

    Discord Interface

    Image of the Discord Interface and the official Midjourney Server

    Server List

    Direct Messages
    Work one-on-one with the Midjourney Bot in your Direct Messages for a quieter experience.

    Midjourney Official Server
    The official Midjourney server with channels for collaboration and billing/technical support.

    Channel List

    Image of channels in the Midjourney Discord Server

    Visit this channel for billing and technical support from Midjourney Guides.

    Visit any #newbies channel to create images.

    Member List

    Image of the Member List on the Midjourney Discord Server

    Midjourney Bot
    The bot that produces images with the /imagine command

    Moderators and Guides
    Moderators and Guides can help with billing and technical problems in the support channels.

    Image Grids

    The /imagine command produces a grid of low-resolution image options based on your prompt. Use the buttons under each image grid to create variations of an image, upscale an image, or rerun the last Midjourney Bot action.

    Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after generating a grid of images

    Upscale Buttons

    U1 U2 U3 U4 buttons separate an image from the image grid, allowing you easily download that image or use additional tools like Zoom Out, or Pan.

    When using legacy Midjourney model versions the U buttons would upscale an image generating a larger version of the selected image and adding more details, which uses Fast GPU time.


    🔄 The redo (re-roll) button reruns a job. In this case, it would rerun the original prompt producing a new grid of images.

    Variation Buttons

    V1 V2 V3 V4 V buttons create incremental variations of the selected grid image. Creating a variation generates a new image grid similar to the chosen image's overall style and composition.

    Upscaled Images

    Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after upscaling an images
    🪄 Make Variations Web ↗️ ❤️ Favorite

    Make Variations: creates a variation of the upscaled image and generates a new grid of four options.

    Web: Open the image in your gallery on midjourney.com

    Favorite: tag your best images to easily find them on the Midjourney website.

    Direct Messages

    If the #general or #newbie channels are moving too fast, Midjouney subscribers can work one-on-one with the Midjourney Bot in their Discord direct messages.
    Learn how to direct message the Midjourney Bot

    Emoji Reactions

    React with different emojis to Midjourney Jobs to send images to your Direct Messages, cancel a job in progress, or delete an image.
    Learn how to use emoji reactions.

    Daily Theme Channel

    Participate in a fun themed group image generation in the #daily-theme channel. Look for the day's theme next to the channel's name. All generations must include day's keyword(s).

    Image showing the Midjourney Daily Theme channel

    Turn off the daily theme notification

    Want to avoid the daily notification from the daily theme channel? Use the /daily_theme command to turn off notifications for that channel.