Settings and Presets
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Settings and Presets

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The Settings command provides toggle buttons for common options like model version, style value, quality value, and upscaler version. Settings also has toggle buttons for the /stealth and /public commands.

Image showing the interface of the Midjourney settings command

1️⃣ MJ Version 1 2️⃣ MJ Version 2 3️⃣ MJ Version 3 4️⃣ MJ Version 4 5️⃣ MJ Version 5
🌈 Niji Mode 🤖MJ Test 📷 MJ Test Photo

Sets the Model Versions used for jobs.
Model Version 5 is only available to users with a Midjourney subscription.

🔥 Half Quality 🔥 Base Quality 🔥 High Quality (2x cost)

Sets the Quality Parameter used for jobs.
Half Quality = --q .5, Base Quality = --q 1, High Quality = --q 2.

🖌️ Style Low 🖌️ Style Med 🖌️ Style High 🖌️ Style Very High

Sets the Stylize Parameter used for jobs.
Style Low = --s 50, Style Med = --s 100, Style High = --s 250, Style Very High = --s 750,

🧍‍♂️Public 🕵️ Stealth

Switch between Public and Stealth modes. Corresponds to the /public and /stealth commands.

🎛️ Remix

Switch to Remix mode

🐇 Fast 🐢 Relax

Switch between Fast and Relaxed modes. Corresponds to the /fast and /relax commands.

Settings Note

Parameters added to the end of a prompt will override selections made using /settings.

Custom Preferences

Create custom options using prefer commands to add commonly used parameters to the end of prompts automatically.
/prefer auto_dm Completed Jobs are automatically sent to Direct Message
/prefer option Create or manage a custom option.
/prefer option list View your current custom options.
/prefer suffix specify a suffix to add to the end of every prompt.

Prefer Option

/prefer option set <name> <value> Creates a custom parameter that you can use to add multiple parameters to the end of prompts quickly.


/prefer option set mine --hd --ar 7:4 creates an option called "mine" that translates to --hd --ar 7:4.


Using /imagine prompt vibrant California poppies --mine, is interpreted as /imagine prompt vibrant California poppies --hd --ar 7:4.

Leave the "value" field empty to delete an option.

/prefer option list list all options created with prefer option set. Users can have up to 20 custom options.


To delete a custom option, use /prefer option set <name to delete> and leave the value field blank.

Prefer Suffix

/prefer suffix automatically appends the specified suffix after all prompts. Use the command without a value to reset.

Command example: /prefer suffix --uplight --video

Only Parameters can be used with /prefer suffix,
prefer suffix --no orange is accepted
prefer suffix orange::-1 is not accepted

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