Fast, Relax, & Turbo Modes
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    Fast, Relax, & Turbo Modes

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    Midjourney uses powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to interpret and process each prompt. When you purchase a subscription to Midjourney, you are purchasing time on these GPUs.

    Different subscription plans have different amounts of monthly GPU time.
    This monthly subscription GPU time is Fast Mode time. Fast Mode tries to give you access to a GPU instantly. It's the default processing tier and uses your subscription's monthly GPU time.

    How many GPU minutes do my generations cost?

    The Average Job the Midjourney bot processes takes about one minute of GPU time to finish creating an image. Upscaling an image, using nonstandard aspect ratios, or older Midjourney Model Versions may take more time. Creating variations or using lower quality values will take less time.

    A Job's time depends on the following factors:

    + Lower Time++ Average Time+++ Higher Time
    Job TypeVariations/imagineUpscale
    Aspect Ratiodefault (square)tall or wide
    Quality Parameter--q 0.25 or --q 0.5default (--q 1)--q 2 (for legacy Model Versions
    Stop Parameter--stop 10--stop 99default (--stop 100)

    Use /info before and after running a process to see how many of your remaining GPU minutes the generation used.

    Fast vs. Relax Mode

    Subscribers to the Standard, Pro, and Mega plans can create an unlimited number of images each month in Relax Mode. Relax Mode will not cost any GPU time, but Jobs will be placed into a queue based on how much you've used the system.

    How long do I need to wait in Relax mode?

    Jobs in Relax mode are placed in a queue to be processed as GPUs become available. Wait times for Relax are dynamic but generally range between 0–10 minutes per job. If you use Relax mode occasionally, you will have shorter wait times compared to subscribers that have used it more. This priority currently resets whenever you renew your monthly subscription.


    Permutation prompts, the --repeat parameter and the Legacy upscaler, Max Upscale are not available while useing Relax mode.

    Run Out of Fast Time?

    You can purchase more Fast Hours on your page.

    By default, images are generated using Fast Mode.
    Unused monthly Fast GPU time does not roll over.
    Fast Mode is automatically reactivated when the subscription renews.

    Turbo Mode

    Turbo Mode is available for subscribers who want extremely quick image generation. Turbo mode uses a high-speed experimental GPU pool. Jobs run in Turbo mode generate up to four times faster but consume twice as many subscription GPU minutes as a typical Fast Mode Job.

    Turbo mode is only available with Midjourney Model Versions 5, 5.1, 5.2, and 6.

    If Turbo mode is selected, but the GPUs are unavailable, or it is incompatible with the selected model version, your job will run in Fast Mode instead.

    Turbo Mode is an experimental feature, and availability and price may change at any time.

    How to Switch Between Modes

    Use the /fast /turbo or /relax command

    Standard, Pro, and Mega plan subscribers can use the /fast or /relax commands to switch between modes.

    Use the Settings Command

    Use the /settings command and choose 🐢 Relax 🐇 Fast or ⚡ Turbo from the menu.

    Use the --fast --turbo or --relax parameter

    Standard, Pro, and Mega plan subscribers can use the --relax, --fast, or --turbo parameters at the end of a prompt to run a single job using Relax, Fast, or Turbo mode instead of changing their preferred setting.

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