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    Article Summary

    The newest Midjourney Model Version 5 (and Niji 5) produces high-resolution 1024 x1024 px image grids without needing an additional step to upscale each image. When using the latest Midjourney Models the U1 U2 U3 U4 buttons under each image grid will separate the selected image from the initial image grid for easy saving and downloading.

    Midjourney Dimensions and Sizes

    All sizes are for square 1:1 aspect ratios.

    Model VersionStarting Grid Images SizeModel Version 4 Default Upscaler
    Version 51024 x 1024-
    Version 4512 x 5121024 x 1024
    niji 51024 x 1024-
    niji 4512 x 5121024 x 1024

    Learn more about image sizes, dimensions, and DPI.

    Legacy Midjourney Upscalers

    Earlier Midjourney versions start by generating a grid of low-resolution image options for each Job. You can use a Midjourney upscaler on any of these images to increase the size and add additional details. Using an upscaler uses your subscription's GPU minutes.

    Read more about legacy upscaling options.

    Model Version 4 Upscaler

    The upscaler for Midjourney Model Version 4 increases image size while smoothing and refining details. Some small elements may change between the initial grid image and the finished upscale.

    prompt: adorable rubber duck medieval knight
    prompt: sand cathedral


    Remaster is an option for upscaled images made with previous Midjourney Model Versions. Remaster will create a new grid of images using the --v 5.1 parameter blending the composition of the original image and the coherency of the newer -v 5.1 model.

    Remaster any previously upscaled job by clicking the 🆕 Remaster button beneath the original upscale.

    To Remaster very old jobs, use the /show command to refresh that job in Discord.

    Original Model Version 2 Image
    an image of a sand cathedral remastered using Midjourney Model Version 5.1 from a version 2 image.
    Remastered with Model Version 5.1
    an image of a sand cathedral remastered using Midjourney Model Version 5.1 from a version 2 image.