Midjourney Trademark Policy
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    Midjourney Trademark Policy

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    Last Updated: August 7, 2023

    The goal of this policy is to protect customers by making it easy to readily identify products and services from Midjourney, Inc. Please read on to learn when and how you can properly use our logo, name, and other brand features (collectively, the “Midjourney Trademarks”).

    What are the Midjourney Trademarks?

    The Midjourney Trademarks include, but are not limited to, the following:


    The Midjourney boat logo,

    The word Midjourney spelled in ASCII style text

    By using any Midjourney Trademarks, or by accessing the Midjourney platform, you acknowledge that Midjourney is the sole owner of the Trademarks and you agree not to interfere with Midjourney’s rights in the Trademarks, including challenging Midjourney’s use, registration of, or application to register such Trademarks. You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into dispute any Midjourney Trademarks. You may not use any Midjourney Trademarks in metatags, search fields, hidden text without Midjourney’s prior written consent. It is never acceptable to use the Midjourney Trademarks in any form that has the purpose or effect of diverting or confusing consumers.

    Please review these guidelines on a regular basis, as they may be updated from time to time. Midjourney reserves the right to revoke any permission and to change or restrict any use of the trademarks if we believe that such use is in violation of this policy or is harmful to the reputation of Midjourney or the Midjourney community.

    When and How can you use a Midjourney Trademark?

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the correct ways to use a Midjourney Trademark.

    • Use Midjourney Trademarks to refer to Midjourney, its services, and products truthfully and accurately.

      • “Created using the Midjourney web app.”
    • Use Midjourney Trademarks exactly as shown in the list above, including capitalization and proper trademark symbol ™.

    • Please include this notice when you use the Midjourney’s Trademarks in accordance with this Policy:

      • “[Midjourney Trademark] is a trademark of Midjourney, Inc. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Midjourney, Inc.”

    Here are some ways you shouldn’t use our marks:

    • Do not use Midjourney Trademarks in the name of your business, product, service, app, publication, domain name, or other offering.
    • Do not use Midjourney wordmarks in plural or possessive forms.
    • Do not misspell the Midjourney Marks (including hyphens, spaces etc.)
    • Do not use marks, logos, company names, domain names, social media names, community names, or designs that are confusingly similar to Midjourney’s Trademarks. Deliberate misspellings and transliterations of the Midjourney Trademarks are also not permitted
      • Ex. Midj0urney
    • Do not use Midjourney’s Trademarks to incorrectly imply sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation with Midjourney.
    • Do not use Midjourney’s Trademarks for any illegal, misleading, derogatory, or defamatory purposes.
    • Do not use Midjourney’s Trademarks more prominently than your company name, product, or service.
    • Do not use Midjourney’s Trademarks on merchandise for sale.
    • Do not use Midjourney’s Trademarks for any other form of commercial use, unless limited to a truthful descriptive reference.
    • Do not modify, distort, abbreviate, or combine Midjourney’s Trademarks with any other symbols, words, images, or slogans.

    Can I use one of the Midjourney Trademarks when registering a domain name?

    You may not use the Midjourney Trademarks in your own domain, if that use would likely confuse a relevant consumer. You may not use the Midjourney Trademarks in your product, app, or service, except to clearly refer to Midjourney services in a nominative fashion.

    Can I use one of the Midjourney Trademarks when naming an application or game?

    You may not use the Midjourney trademark in naming an application or a game, if that use would likely confuse a consumer.

    What if I want to plan an online or in person event concerning Midjourney or with Midjourney community members?

    To help guide your usage of our trademarks, please keep in mind the following: Meetups, events, online chats outside our Discord channel, or other in person or online events that are not sponsored or endorsed by Midjourney cannot misrepresent the event as such. In order to avoid this confusion, the event planner should promote the event as an unofficial event.

    Midjourney is not responsible for your experience at these unofficial events, as it is not an official Midjourney event. In order to avoid any implication that Midjourney is associated or sponsoring the event, avoid prominent use the Midjourney Trademarks (e.g., in connection with the title of the event etc.) to advertise, promote, or otherwise talk about the event.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this Midjourney policy statement shall be interpreted to allow any third parties to claim any association with the Midjourney offerings or to imply its approval or support by Midjourney for any third-party products or services.

    If you have any questions at all about proper usage of the Midjourney Trademarks, please contact trademarks@midjourney.com