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    You can use the /show command with the unique Job ID to move a job to another server or channel, revive a lost job, or refresh an old job to make new variations, upscale, or use newer parameters and features.

    /show only works on your own jobs.

    Find a Job ID

    Job IDs are unique identifiers used for each image generated by Midjourney.
    Job IDs look like this: 9333dcd0-681e-4840-a29c-801e502ae424 and can be found in the first part of all image filenames, in the URLs on the website, and in an image's filename.

    On the Web

    You can find the Job ID of any image in your member gallery by selecting Options > Copy > Job ID.

    Image of how to find the Job ID of an image using the Midjourney Web App

    From the URL

    Job IDs are in the URL when viewing an image in your Midjourney gallery.

    From the File Name

    Job IDs are the last part of the file name when viewing an image you have downloaded from your gallery.

    Using a Discord Emoji Reaction

    React to your completed job with the envelope emoji ✉️ and Midjourney Bot will send you a direct message with its Job ID. If you're not getting direct messages from the bot, check your Discord privacy settings.

    Image showing how to use a Discord Envelope Emoji Reaction to send a job ID to your direct messages

    How to Use Show

    Use the /show <Job ID #> in any Bot Channel to revive a Job.

    Animated Gif Showing how to use the Midjourney Show command