Discord Quick Start
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    Discord Quick Start

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    Article summary

    Use the Midjourney bot to generate stunning images from simple text prompts in seconds. Work directly in Discord. No specialized hardware or software is required.

    Code of Conduct
    • Don't be a jerk.
    • Don't use our tools to make images that could inflame, upset, or cause drama. That includes gore and adult content.
    • Be respectful to other people and the team.

    Making Images with Midjourney

    1. Log In To Discord

    Access the Midjourney Bot through Discord via web browser, mobile app, or desktop app. Ensure you have a verified Discord account before joining the Midjourney Discord server.

    Follow these guides to create or verify your Discord account:
    Create Discord Account
    Verify Discord Account

    2. Subscribe to a Midjourney Plan

    To start generating images with Midjourney, you'll need to subscribe to a plan.

    • Visit Midjourney.com.
    • Log in using your verified Discord account.
    • Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

    Go to Subscription Plans for information on pricing and the features available with each tier.

    An image showing the four subscription tiers for Midjourney. The four tiers are basic, standard, pro and mega.

    3.  Join the Midjourney Server on Discord

    To start interacting with the Midjourney Bot, join the Midjourney Server

    • Open Discord and locate the server list on the left-hand sidebar.
    • Press the + button at the bottom of the server list.
    • In the pop-up window, click the Join a Server button.
    • Paste or type the following URL: http://discord.gg/midjourney and press Join.

    For additional information, Learn more about Discord servers.

    image showing step one and two of joining the Midjourney Discord Server
    image showing step three of joining the Midjourney Discord Server

    4. Go to any #General or #Newbie Channel

    After joining the Midjourney server on Discord, you'll see several channels listed in the sidebar.

    Image of the Sidebar for Midjourney's Discord server highlighting the newbie channels.

    On the Midjourney Server

    Locate and select any channel labeled general-# or newbie-#. These channels are designed for beginners to start using the Midjourney Bot. The Midjourney Bot will not generate images in other channels.

    On Other Servers

    You can generate images with the Midjourney Bot on any Discord server that has invited the Midjourney Bot. Look for instructions on your server on where to use the Bot.

    5. Use the /imagine Command

    About Discord Commands
    Interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord using a Command. Commands are used to create images, change default settings, monitor user info, and perform other helpful tasks. The /imagine command generates a unique image from a short text description (known as a Prompt). Learn more about Prompts

    How to Use /imagine

    • Type '/imagine prompt:' in the message field. You can also select the /imagine command from the list of available slash commands that pop up when you type '/'.
    • Type a description of the image you want to create in the prompt field.
    • Send your message. The Bot will interpret your text prompt and begin generating the images.
    • Respect the Community Guidelines. Community guidelines apply wherever the Midjourney Bot is used.

    animated gif of the midjourney /imagine command being typed

    6. Accept the Terms Of Service

    Before generating any images, the Midjourney Bot will prompt you to accept the Terms Of Service. You must agree to these terms to proceed with image creation.


    7. Image Generation Process

    animated gif of a Midjourney Job processing

    After submitting a text prompt, the Midjourney Bot processes your request, creating four unique image options within a minute. This process utilizes advanced Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and each image generation counts towards the GPU time included with your Midjourney subscription. To monitor your available GPU time (Fast Time Remaining) use the /info command.

    8. Select an Image or Create Variations

    Once your initial image grid has been generated, two rows of buttons become available underneath your image grid.

    Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after generating a grid of images

    U1 U2 U3 U4 Image Selection

    In earlier versions of Midjourney, the U buttons were used for upscaling images. With the latest model, images are immediately generated at 1024 x 1024 pixels size. Now, the 'U' buttons help you separate out your chosen image from the grid, making it easier to download and giving you access to additional editing and generation tools.

    🔄 Re-run or Re-roll a Job

    The 🔄 button re-runs a Job. In this case, it would re-run the original prompt producing a new grid of images.

    V1 V2 V3 V4 Image Variation

    The V buttons are used to create variations of the selected image. Each button generates a new image grid that maintains the general style and composition of the selected image.

    9. Enhance or Modify Your Image

    After singling out an image, an expanded set of options becomes available.

    Image of the Midjourney Discord button interface after upscaling an images
    🪄 Vary (Strong) 🪄 Vary (Subtle)

    Create a stronger or subtle variation of your selected image, generating a new grid of four options.

    🔍 Zoom Out 2x 🔍 Zoom Out 1.5x 🔍 Custom Zoom

    Zoom Out of your image, extending the canvas its original boundaries without changing the content of the original image. The newly expanded canvas will be filled-in using guidance from the prompt and the original image.

    ⬅️ ➡️ ⬆️ ⬇️

    The Pan buttons allow you to expand the canvas of an image in a chosen direction without changing the content of the original image. The newly expanded canvas will be filled in using guidance from the prompt and the original image.

    ❤️ Favorite

    tag your best images to easily find them on the Midjourney website.

    Web ↗️

    Open the image in your gallery on midjourney.com

    10. Save Your Image

    Click on the image to open it to full size, and then right-click and choose Save image. On mobile, long-tap the image and then tap the download icon in the top right corner.

    All images are immediately available to view on midjourney.com/imagine

    Next Steps

    Direct Messaging the Midjourney Bot
    Are you having difficulty finding yourself while working with other users on the Midjourney server? You can interact with the Midjourney Bot one-on-one in a direct message. Images created within your direct messages are still subject to content and moderation rules and are visible on the Midjourney website.

    Learn More About Prompts
    Learn how to write effective and creative prompts,
    Explore how descriptions of artistic mediums, locations, and time periods change an image.

    Blend Your Own Images
    Learn how to upload and blend your own images using the /blend command.

    Midjourney Bot Assistance

    Need help or have questions? Try these commands:
    /help Displays useful information and tips about the Midjourney Bot.
    /ask Provides answers to questions about the Midjourney Bot.

    Midjourney Ask Command

    You can also visit the #support channel on the Midjourney Discord for additional assistance.

    Billing and Subscription Queries

    For billing and subscription questions, please visit help.midjourney.com.