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    Use the /info command to see information about your current queued and running jobs, subscription type, renewal date, and more.

    Image showing the user information popup generated after using the /info command


    The Subscription section shows which plan you are subscribed to and your next renewal date.

    Job Mode

    Shows whether you are currently in Fast or Relaxed Mode. Relax Mode is only available to Standard and Pro Plan subscribers.

    Visibility Mode

    Shows whether you are currently in Public or Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode is only available to Pro Plan subscribers.

    Fast Time Remaining

    Shows your remaining Fast GPU time for the month. Fast GPU time resets monthly and does not carry over.

    Lifetime Usage

    Shows your lifetime Midjourney stats. Images include all types of generations (initial image grids, upscales, variations, remix, etc).

    Relaxed Usage

    Shows your Relax Mode usage for the month. Heavy Relax Mode users will experience slightly slower queue times. Relaxed usage amounts reset monthly.

    Queued Jobs

    Lists all Jobs queued to run. A maximum of seven jobs can be queued at the same time.

    Running Jobs

    Lists all Jobs currently running. A maximum of three jobs can run at the same time.

    Use the Info Command

    Type /info in any Bot Channel or your Direct Messages. Only you will be able to see your Info popup.
    Animated Gif showing how to use the Info command