Data Deletion and Privacy FAQ
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    Data Deletion and Privacy FAQ

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    Data Deletion

    To request to delete your account and data, visit Follow the instructions listed in the "How can I delete my account?" section at the bottom of the page.
    Your data will be marked for deletion, and your subscription will be cancelled.
    To avoid inadvertent data deletion, you will have 30 days to reverse your request.

    Privacy FAQ

    Last Updated: October 2, 2023

    What information does Midjourney collect from users?

    We collect information that you provide to us while interacting with our services. This may include personal information that could be used to identify you, such as your username, the text or image prompts that you input, public chats, IP address, billing information for Stripe, your contact information, email address, and any other information that you share with us.

    How long is personal data stored?

    We only keep the information that you share with us for as long as necessary to serve an allowable purpose under the data protection regulations that apply to you. Some of these purposes include: providing you with the Midjourney services, maintaining and improving upon these services, helping you manage your account and the features that you can access, and other purposes laid out in our Privacy Policy. There may also be legal obligations that we need to comply with that may impact how long we retain your personal data.

    Where is the personal data on Discord stored?

    Discord is in control of all data you store on Discord. Please consult the Discord Privacy Policy for more information.

    Where is the personal data that Midjourney handles stored?

    The personal information you provide is stored on Midjourney servers in the US. We take careful measures to make sure that your personal information is treated securely, and that your information is not transferred to an organization or country that does not have the adequate measures in place to ensure its security.

    Does Midjourney sell personal data?

    No. We do not sell your personal information.

    Who can submit a request to delete personal data?

    If you use or have used the Midjourney services, you can submit a request to delete your personal data. There is no need for you to reside in or have used our services in any particular locations.

    What information does Midjourney need in order to process a data deletion request?

    In order to process your data deletion request, we need some information from you to help us locate the data, such as your username and email address associated with your account. Please review our data deletion request form for more information.

    How long does a data deletion request take?

    We will do our best to respond to your data deletion request within 45 days once we receive it. If we need more time, we will let you know, and you should hear back from us within 90 days. Once we are able to confirm that we possess the data you are requesting we delete, we will remove this information from our system within 1-2 weeks.