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    Generate Midjourney images directly on from the Create page.

    Creating images on the website is currently only available for users with at least 100 Discord generations. To check your eligibility, use the /info command wherever you generate images in Discord and look for your "Lifetime Usage" count.

    Creating and Searching Images

    Use the text fields at the top of the screen to enter prompts or search your previous creations.

    1. Imagine Bar

    Type your prompts here. Hit Enter to begin generating when you're ready. You can use parameters in your prompts the same way you would in Discord, or you can set them with the settings tool.

    2. Image Prompts and References

    Click the button to open the image selection tool, where you can quickly and easily manage image prompts, character references, and style references. For more information about this tool, as well as about managing your uploaded images, visit the Using Image References on Web page.

    3. Settings

    Click the settings button to access your personal settings. Preferences you set here will automatically apply to all your prompts. If you want to use different settings for a single prompt, you can use --parameters in your prompt to override your settings.

    For example if your default Speed is Relax, you can run a single job in Fast Mode by adding the --fast parameter to the end of your prompt.

    Your website and Discord settings are synced. This means that if you change your settings in one place, they'll automatically change in the other — including your generation speed (Relax, Fast, or Turbo Mode) and Stealth Mode settings. Double-check your settings to make sure they're set the way you want them before you generate images!
    Stealth Mode is only available on the Pro and Mega Plans.

    Website settings correspond to these features:

    Setting NameFeature
    Image SizeAspect Ratio
    SpeedRelax, Fast, or Turbo Mode
    StealthStealth Mode

    4. Search

    Search images in your Create feed. You can search by prompt text or parameters.

    Hovering over an Image or Prompt

    As you generate images, they'll appear on your Create page with the most recent images at the top. Hovering over the generated images, or the prompt display on the right, will show some additional options.

    Hovering over an Image

    Hover over a generated image to reveal Vary Subtle and Vary Strong buttons. Learn more about the differences between subtle and strong variations on the Variations page.

    Hovering over a Prompt

    On the right side of the Create page, you'll see the prompts used to generate your images, including any parameters and image references. Hover over this section to see additional actions you can take with your images:

    Rerun: Repeat this job.

    Use: Copy this prompt to the imagine bar to quickly reuse or tweak it. Parameters and reference images used in the prompt will be copied too.

    Hide: Hide this image from your Create feed. This will also hide the image from your Archive. It will still be visible to other users unless it's also Unpublished.

    More: See a menu of additional options for this job:

    Copy: Copy the prompt, job ID, seed, image, or image URL to your clipboard.
    Report: Report an image you believe violates the Community Guidelines.
    Publish / Unpublish: Publish or Unpublish the image. This option only appears if your plan includes Stealth Mode.
    Download: Download the selected image.
    Open in Discord: Jump to the location in Discord where this image was generated. For images generated on the website, a Discord URL not available error will appear if you click this button.

    Clicking on an Image

    Click on an image in your Create page feed to see additional actions you can take with that image.

    1. Job Type

    For non-imagine jobs, hover over this label to see a preview of the original set of images, with the parent image highlighted. Click on any image in the preview to jump to that image.

    2. Menu Buttons

    Manually copy prompt details, including the image URL and prompt, to use in your own generations.

    Download the selected image.

    Search for other images like this one.

    Like / ❤️ images so they appear in your "Liked" view.

    3. Create Feed

    Click through to other nearby images from your Create feed. You can also use your mouse wheel to scroll through these images from anywhere on the page.

    4. Image Actions

    Use the buttons here to generate new images based on this one. Any actions not shown aren't available for that image (for example, Vary Region will not be available on upscaled images).
    To learn more about each of these actions, visit their feature pages: Vary, Upscale, Remix, Pan, Zoom, Vary Region.
    The Use buttons allow you to quickly add elements of this job's prompt to the imagine bar so you can reuse or tweak it. Image will add this image to your next job as an image prompt. Style will add the image as a Style Reference. Prompt will add the full prompt text, including parameters.