Community Guidelines
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Community Guidelines

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Midjourney is an open-by-default community. To keep the platform accessible and welcoming to the broadest number of users, content must be PG-13.

  • Be kind and respect each other and staff. Do not create images or use text prompts that are inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive. Violence or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • No adult content or gore. Please avoid making visually shocking or disturbing content. We will block some text inputs automatically.
  • Do not publicly repost the creations of others without their permission.
  • Be careful about sharing. It’s OK to share your creations outside of the Midjourney community, but please consider how others might view your content.
  • Any violations of these rules may lead to bans from our services. We are not a democracy. Behave respectfully or lose your rights to use the Service.

These rules apply to all content, including images made in private servers, using Private Mode, and in direct messages with the Midjourney Bot. See the Discord #rules channel for the most up-to-date information.


What is Considered Gore?

Gore includes images of detached body parts of humans or animals, cannibalism, blood, violence (images of shooting or bombing someone, for instance), deformed bodies, severed limbs, pestilence, etc.

What's NSFW or Adult Content?

Avoid nudity, sexual organs, fixation on naked breasts, people in showers or on toilets, sexual imagery, fetishes, etc.

Other Offensive Content

Other things may be deemed offensive or abusive because they can be viewed as racist, homophobic, disturbing, or in some way derogatory to a community. This includes naked children and offensive images of celebrities or public figures. Content guidelines are continually reviewed and may be modified as the Midjourney community grows.

Automatically Banned Keywords

Finding a balance between facilitating artistic expression and creating a safe and welcoming community for a broad group of users is challenging. Everyone has a right to an opinion about what images are beautiful, intriguing, or inspiring, and there are as many individual interpretations of what content is offensive, inappropriate, or harmful. We also recognize that art has a long history of pushing the status quo to challenge social conventions, inspire discussion, and spark change.

When deciding on our community guidelines for Midjourney, we considered many factors. As a new and rapidly developing technology, it is important to consider how the broader public will perceive and be introduced to this technology. Midjourney is a more participatory image-making tool than a paintbrush or pencil. The Midjourney team does not wish to participate in creating pornographic, offensive, or harmful images. Most important, however, was our desire to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all users. To that end, we have established guidelines prohibiting certain behaviors and language on our platform. One aspect of these guidelines is banning words and phrases that have been used in harmful or offensive ways toward members of our community.

We understand that the balance we decided on and the decision to ban certain words may not be popular with everyone. Still, we hope you will respect our efforts to create a positive and supportive community for all. We encourage you to express yourself creatively but to do so in a way that is respectful and considerate of others.

Why is This Word Banned?

Some words and phrases are banned because they produce content that is widely considered inappropriate, offensive, or harmful. Some banned words seem safe but consistently produce images that violate the content guidelines.

Remember that the Midjourney Bot does not understand language the way a human does. For example, the peach emoji πŸ‘ is currently a banned word, and the prompt, "beautiful πŸ‘ orchard" would trigger the banned word filter. No one thinks a beautiful orchard of peach trees is offensive or not safe to view at work. However, the πŸ‘ emoji is also common slang for butts and is often associated with pictures that are NSFW so the actual results of prompting a "beautiful πŸ‘ orchard" are more problematic than you would initially think.


Users who repeatedly violate the terms of service may be warned by a community moderator, given a time-out from accessing the bot, or be blocked from the service.

Self-Policing and Reporting

Occasionally prompts will unintentionally produce non-PG-13 content. Please self-police these images by using the ❌ emoji reaction or by right-clicking selecting Apps and then clicking Cancel Job to delete the image.

Users may flag any image for moderator review by right-clicking selecting Apps, and then clicking Report Job within discord or the website by selecting ... under an image and clicking Report.

Report Images in Discord
Image showing how to right click go to apps and select report jobs through discord
Report Images on the Website
Image showing how to click the ellipse under an image to report jobs on the midjourney website.

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