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    Article summary

    The /blend command allows you to upload 2–5 images quickly and then looks at the concepts and aesthetics of each image and merges them into a novel new image.

    • /blend is the same as using multiple image prompts with /imagine, but the interface is optimized for easy use on mobile devices.
    • /blend works with up to 5 images. To use more than 5 images in a prompt use image prompts with /imagine
    • /blend does not work with text prompts. To use text and image prompts together, use image prompts and text with /imagine

    /blend Options

    After typing the /blend command, you will be prompted to upload two photos. Drag and drop images from your hard drive or add images from your photo library when using a mobile device. To add more images, select the optional/options field and select image3, image4, or image5. The /blend command may take longer to start than other commands because your images must be uploaded before the Midjourney Bot can process your request.

    Blended images have a default 1:1 aspect ratio, but you can use the optional dimensions field to select between a square aspect ratio (1:1), portrait aspect ration (2:3), or landscape aspect ratio (3:2).

    Custom suffixes are added to the end of /blend prompts, like any other /imagine prompt. Aspect ratios specified as part of the /blend command override aspect ratios within a custom suffix.

    Image showing the discord app interface for the Midjourney /blend command

    Blending Tip

    For the best results, upload images that are the same aspect ratio as your desired result.

    How to Use /blend

    animated gif showing how to use the Midjourney blend command